The Only Us Campaign

There’s ‘Them’ and there’s ‘Us’.  We are well, happy and safe.  They are mentally ill and dangerous. 

Is this really true?  Or is the uncomfortable truth that there’s a continuum, a scale along which we all slide back and forth during our lives.  When we separate ourselves we hurt those labelled as sick, ill, even mad, but we also hurt ourselves…   READ MORE ABOUT THIS FANTASTIC CAMPAIGN AND HOW TO SUPPORT IT BY CLICKING ON THE LINK BELOW


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  1. Happy to support your campaign have ordered badges. I know only too well what the rationale behind this campaign is. I’ve been vulnerable and I’ve been psychotic and i’ve even been told I was sitting in a locked acute psychiatric ward “for attention” or been told “you’ve lost your sparkle” (well, thanks for those) I’m only human and it happened to me after years of intolerable stress. In the human race no one wins.

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