What Shape is My River ALG

Fran invites you to join her on a journey of self-discovery through creative expression.

Over the six sessions, the group will explore the metaphor of a river. You will build up a river image to express and explore who you are now, who you have been in the past and who you could be in future.

Fran will invite you to get in touch with your creative side and tell your own life story through the river.

Within this you will explore questions like:

  • What shape are you as a river?
  • How do you relate to the territory/ community around you?
  • The (different) nature of your waters
  • What’s on my surface and in my depths?
  • What’s my source, where do I pass through, and where do I end up?
  • Where do I need boundaries/protect myself when things get tough?
  • What’s my purpose as a river?

This group is only open to people who have done the initial T4H training and you have to sign up in advance. Follow the link below to register your place.

Register for ‘What Shape is My River?’