Train the Chair

Talk for Health is a social enterprise that believes everyone benefits from the opportunity to talk, to share, and to give as well as receive support.

Through initial Intros to Peer Counselling Skills and 4 day Full Peer Counselling Skills Programmes, Talk for Health aims to provide people with the skills to talk more openly and truthfully, to listen empathetically, and to gain basic counselling skills.

Participants go on to join ongoing support groups – Talk for Health Cafes and Chair & Share Groups – and/or set up their own ongoing groups, where they connect, share, and support each other using the guidelines and skills learnt on the initial programme. Talk for Health Cafes and Chair & Share Groups are usually chaired by Talk for Health graduates who have completed the 1-day Train the Chair training. Other groups are self-generated by participants.

This one day training with Nicky Forsythe is designed to give you the Talk for Health model and style of peer group facilitation to a) join the Talk for Health Cafe and Chair & Share Group Facilitation Team and/or b) start your own self generated group with known contacts.

Themes that will be explored in this interactive workshop are:

  • What does great peer group facilitation look, sound and feel like
  • Group process and evolution and the role of the facilitator at each stage
  • Leadership styles for peer group facilitators
  • Psychological processes that effect peer group dynamics and the role of the facilitator
  • Emotional state management for facilitators
  • Peer support groups: the Talk for Health way

The workshop is designed to allow you to learn through practical activities and the sharing of your thoughts, ideas and feedback with others.

There will be a lot of time allocated to offering participants the opportunity to put knowledge and skills gained into practice.

This is an essential training if you are interested to develop into the role of Volunteer Chair & Share Facilitator.

This training is FREE but there are limited places. It is open to Talk for Health Graduates and Non-Graduates. Everyone who signs up must complete an application form to secure their place on the training.

Please email or call 07826148461 for more information.

For more information and to sign up click HERE.