February Special: Made of Money

Money is an emotional topic. It’s not something we readily wish to talk about. Yet people are often quick to judge those they see as not using it wisely. Money can give you many different things: security, power, happiness, sadness, friends, enemies. It can affect our mood and our mood can affect it. Retail therapy anyone?

Talk for Health’s February Special will be hosted by Denise Brewster and Priscilla Joseph from Made of Money – a financial wellbeing course that recognises the many aspects of money. Through activities and discussions they unpack the values and attitudes to money that people hold. They explore what influences our financial decisions and the role money plays in our lives as well as share their knowledge, tools and techniques that can give you the confidence to gain control of your everyday finances.

As always the event is free, but there is an option to pay by donation if you would like to contribute to the running of Talk for Health’s services. Please register here.

For more information contact or 07826148461