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Talk for Health is funded by NHS Islington to deliver all of our services for FREE.

The programme is led by Nicky Forsythe, a psychotherapist and it trains everyday people in ‘therapeutic talk’.

As well as developing skills in open talking; empathic listening and overcoming barriers and obstacles to real communication, participants have the opportunity to be part of a group where they can talk honestly and be accepted for who they really are. For many, the Talk for Health experience improves their wellbeing, confidence and sense of connection to others. Please note: everyone can sign up to attend Talk for Health events, but if anything is oversubscribed we will give priority to Islington residents as part of our funding requirements.

Tasters and Specials

The first point of entry to Talk for Health is a Taster event – this is a two hour session, usually in the evening, giving you an overview of the training we provide and the start of your journey to real communication.

If you’re interested in mental health and wellbeing generally,  why not come to one of our Special events. ‘Specials’ are themed events with guest speakers and juicy new learning, for Talk for Health graduates, their friends, and interested members of the general public. Note: “tbc = theme to be confirmed”

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What’s Next? 

If you’ve completed a Taster already then you’re eligible to attend either our full Programme, or a Talk for Health Café (our monthly peer-support groups).

If you’re a Talk for Health graduate (so you’ve completed the Programme or you’ve been to 6 Cafés) then there are special monthly groups and advanced training sessions that you can attend! Click below to find out about those.

Just nosy about what else we’ve got going on? Check out our full list of events here: