Talk for Health provides user-friendly, talk based routes to wellbeing.

Talk for Health was set up by psychotherapist Nicky Forsythe to demystify therapeutic talk, making it more accessible, human and everyday.

Our core programme teaches the skills of authentic talking, empathic listening and managing a group. Participants learn how to set up effective ongoing groups for connection and wellbeing.

We provide the programme to:

Talk for Health is currently offered FREE in Islington London – funded by the NHS –  and at the People Focused Group in Doncaster, funded by Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council.

Founder and Psychotherapist Nicky Forsythe believes passionately that skills from the world of therapy can be used by anyone to lead a more satisfying and meaningful life.

“Talk for Health teaches you the skills that society forgets to:  how to connect to your feelings and needs, how to express this authentically and appropriately, and how to adapt your communication so others can hear you.”  Programme Participant


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    Telling stories as you walk
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