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    If you’re like me, you probably hate the idea of signing up for a forum – having to provide your email address, and create a password that you may forget.

    Why bother?! You already have a Whatsapp group for Talk for Health, or a Facebook group…

    Well, I’m a fan of Whatsapp too. (Facebook not so much.)

    Many members of my Talk for Health cohort belong to a Whatsapp group, and we use it occasionally.

    It’s great for immediate exchanges, like when somebody asks the group how they feel today. I did that last week and felt very connected when people replied, in just three words each.

    But Whatsapp is useless for archiving material that people might want to come back to.

    Facebook too. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve remembered something brilliant I read on Facebook and tried to find it, then given up after scrolling through the posts in a private group.

    A forum is a great place to archive questions and answers that others might find useful in future.

    That’s because it’s searchable (there’s a search box on this page), and the tags help readers find related content.

    This particular post is open to anybody to read, but the Talk for Health forum also allows you to create and join private groups, where you can post things you don’t want to share publicly.

    I hope you will try it. The more people we have on here, the more likely we are to create content that is valuable to each other – and to others who may come along later.

    PS. I have already forgotten my password several times, but found it very easy to reset it.

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