Train the Trainer Programme

To build strong peer support networks in your group or organisation over the long term, an effective approach is a Train the Trainer package.

This licenses your people to deliver Talk for Health in your organisation over the long term. A Train the Trainer programme enables large numbers of people to receive Talk for Health at a reasonable cost, and with continued quality assurance.

A Train the Trainer package includes:
  • A minimum of three Talk for Health programmes
  • A six-day Talk for Health Leadership Training

Qualified Talk for Health leaders work within a licensing agreement which ensures continued quality of delivery.

To train as a Talk for Health Trainer, candidates need to:
  • take the Talk for Health programme
  • re-take the programme and learn its content
  • take the six-day Talk for Health Leadership Training
  • lead or co-lead a Talk for Health programme supervised by a Talk for Health professional

Train the Trainer programme content

The six-day Leadership Training includes the following modules and has professional development value in its own right.

Talk for Health Values
  • Ethical practice
  • Perspectives on mental health and wellbeing
  • Outcome orientation
Talk For Health Theory
  • The evidence base on therapeutic talk
Group Management
  • Working in partnership; flexibility to the group; keeping a group log
Learning to Lead the Programme
  • Demonstration and practice of setting up each module of the programme
Leadership Development
  • Group process and leadership styles
  • Developing your leadership style
  • Self awareness
    • transference and projection
    • holding boundaries
    • ‘difficult’ people
    • stress and burnout
    • supervision and support
Course Administration
  • Handouts and certificates
  • Course evaluation