T4H Training

Once you’ve attended a Talk for Health Taster event, you’re eligible to come to our monthly peer-support groups (called Cafés) or one of our Programmes for further training. If you haven’t been to a Taster yet, that’s your starting point – click below to find out more:

Talk for Health Cafés

Cafés are our monthly peer-support groups. They are structured time: everyone will have a set amount of time to share and respond, using the Talk for Health feedback techniques that you started to learn in the Taster session. They’re drop in and most of them run on the same day of the week each month (e.g. the 3rd Friday, or 2nd Monday).

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Upcoming Programmes

Want a stronger hit of the Talk for Health training? A Programme is your answer! You’ll attend four or six sessions (depending on whether you choose to do full days or evenings and weekends) that go through all of our techniques in detail, and earn you a Talk for Health Peer Support Certificate.

Once you’ve attended 6 Cafés or the full Programme, you’ll be a Talk for Health graduate! This means that you’ll be eligible to attend further training and our special ‘Chair and Share’ groups, which are an advanced version of Cafés.