The Emotional Fitness Programme

Learn 7 key practices for well-being and integrate them into your life.

Most people have grasped the fact that we can take care of our physical health by eating healthily and exercising.

But the health of our minds is just as important and there’s a lot we can do to take care of this too. Research has shown how to boost our emotional fitness and prevent conditions such as anxiety or depression.

The Emotional Fitness Programme is a programme based on this research. You will:
  • find out more about emotional well-being
  • learn about seven key well-being practices
  • create a personal plan for integrating them into your life.
Workshop information:

Availability: The Emotional Fitness Programme now takes place with a group of up to eight people over one day. The next workshop will be in 2016 in Belsize Park.

Cost: The programme costs £100.00

To book: You can find out more by emailing or calling Nicky Forsythe on 07899 816222.