Power – A Users’ Guide

What is power and who has it?

Power is woven through so much of life and yet is rarely discussed. This one-day workshop offers an opportunity to ‘out’ our feelings about power, and our relationship to it.

You will explore your early experiences of power relationships and how these have informed your current beliefs, experiences and behaviour.

Next you will look at how you use and deal with power and authority in yourself and others, and at anything you would like to change. This workshop will support you in being appropriately assertive, taking positions of authority and relating to others who hold power.

Workshop information:

Availability: The next workshop will take place near Belsize Park in Summer 2016, with space for up to eight participants.

Cost: £100.00

To book: You can find out more by emailing or calling Nicky Forsythe on 07899 816222.