One to One Therapy

Through one to one therapy you can not only relieve distress but understand more about who you really are, how you tick, and how to lead a more fulfilling life.

In therapy, I facilitate a process where you can come to understand more deeply how you have become the person you are.  Through this enquiry you begin to re-connect with aspects of yourself that you may have squashed out of awareness, and gradually become ‘more of who you really are’.

This in turn gives you access to new ways of feeling, thinking and behaving and you can begin to set yourself free from limiting patterns of the past.

Session information:

Nicky offers varying formats, from one hour a week, to shorter term and more flexible formats.

Session costs are:
1 hour face to face £60
1 hour Skype £60
30 minute Skype £35
To book:

You can find out more by emailing or calling Nicky Forsythe on 07899 816222.