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Announcing our new patron: renowned artist Grayson Perry CBE

Grayson Perry photograpohed at the Victoria Miro Gallery, London.
This image is licenced out to Grayson Perry and the Victoria Miro Gallery to be used for press and publicity for Grayson Perry until September 2016.  
Please credit photographer where possible.

We are delighted that Turner prize winning artist, Grayson Perry, RA, CBE, has recently agreed to be our patron.  In support of Talk for Health, Grayson has said “I know from my own experience how important it is to be accepted exactly as we are: being heard […]

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Mental health problems do not have to be a life sentence

not a life sentence_5_treatment

We know that many of you are interested in the field of mental health and we try to share interesting research and articles when we come across them. We recently read this great report, The empirical evidence about mental health and recovery: how likely, how long, what […]

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BBC 1’s In The Mind Season: A Disappointingly Narrow Approach to Mental Illness

Man and Woman profiles face opposite ways in couple problem jigsaw puzzle

    Whilst it is great that mental health is being openly discussed in the mainstream media, we at Talk for Health are disappointed that a very limited range of views and opinions about mental health were reflected in the programming.  The focus seemed to be on […]

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3 minutes of inspiration


We were thrilled to recently be included in an important new RSA report by top academic, highlighting the importance of connected communities and social relationships for health and wellbeing. We came across this little powerful yet simple film, also by the RSA, about empathy and it resonates […]

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Leading academics report: Talk for Health tops community wellbeing interventions

RSA Report

In UK-wide research on mental wellbeing and social inclusion, leading UK academics find Talk for Health a particularly effective wellbeing intervention.   Key findings from the report were:   Social connectedness is the key to wellbeing – more so than social status or life circumstances. Creating bonds […]

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Time for (Real) Change report


An increasing number of people, groups and organisations are concerned with the current paradigm of pathologising and labelling human reactions to adversity.  In this one day event the Hearing Voices Network brought together people and organisations who seek change to explore what can be done differently.  Read […]

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The Only Us Campaign

There’s ‘Them’ and there’s ‘Us’.  We are well, happy and safe.  They are mentally ill and dangerous.  Is this really true?  Or is the uncomfortable truth that there’s a continuum, a scale along which we all slide back and forth during our lives.  When we separate ourselves […]

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Why we need to abandon the disease model of mental health

We must move away from the disease model, which assumes that emotional distress is merely symptomatic of biological illness, and instead embrace a model of mental health and well-being that recognizes our essential and shared humanity, says Peter Kinderman, professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of […]

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Talk for Health in the New York Times July 2014

Loneliness is a health risk,  but having empathic listeners is good for you.  Read the article here

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Talk for Health in the Guardian July 2014

Talk for Health as a solution to our silent plague of loneliness. Read the article here

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