Join us for an evening of talks for Mental Health Awareness Week

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Talk for Health Special: How to Have a Fit Mind?

Tuesday 9th May 18:00 – 20:00
St Luke’s Community Centre, 90 Central Street

Join us for an evening of entertaining and insightful talks as part of Mental Health Awareness Week.  In an age when too many people seem to struggle to survive with mental health problems, our speakers will be exploring what it takes to thrive and enjoy emotional fitness in all areas of our life.

We are delighted to welcome Andy Gibson, author of ‘A Mind for Business’, Philippa Perry, psychotherapist and author of ‘How to Stay Sane’ and our very own Nicky Forsythe. During the evening we will look at what it takes to flourish in the face of life’s daily challenges and how we can thrive in the workplace as well as our personal life.

These talks are free for all, so do please bring friends and family. To help us with the catering and because spaces are limited please make sure you sign up as normal using the link below.

How to Have a Fit Mind



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