Emotional troubles?

Angry, sad, anxious…?

If this sounds like you, or someone you know…

New FREE Programme To Build Emotional Wellbeing – funded by the NHS

If you have never spoken honestly about your difficulties, it’s hard to imagine how to start – and who would listen.

That’s why GPs across Islington fund Talk for Health to train lay people in honest, supportive conversation.

We work with people from all walks of life. Some are having difficulties, others are doing fine (for now). Some have a mental health diagnosis, many don’t. In short, everyone is welcome.

What’s the idea?

Just as our bodies need physical exercise, our minds need conversation. But not just any conversation.

Talk for Health trains lay people to talk and listen in ways that are not destructive but positively build wellbeing.

This can help to overcome difficulties – and prevent them coming in the first place.

It’s based on solid evidence

Talk for Health was founded by a psychotherapist, and is funded by GPs across the borough of Islington.

What’s involved?

You can learn the essentials in a single evening, at a Talk for Health Intro, and get ongoing support indefinitely afterwards.

For more details, see our Events page.

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