ALG: Improvising for Success

In this Advanced Learning Group we will learn to use exactly what we already have, in social and creative situations, so that we can stop feeling we are “not quite ready yet”.

By improvising, we can draw instantly on the full range of our experience and creativity, and apply it to great effect in our everyday lives.

Specifically, we will use exercises and training games to build our confidence in persuasion – getting others to yes, and being able to say no ourselves. We’ll spend time looking at the body language and spoken clues that seem to grant power to some people and take it away from others – so that you can choose for yourself the impact you’d like to have. And we’ll look at how to create stories that grab the attention of your audience, so that people are dying to hear what you have to say.

This Advanced Learning Group is for anyone who wants to feel more freely creative, and comfortable in social situations. You will learn some surprising things about the “role” you play in everyday life.

This promises to be a practical workshop in which we find new ways to connect to others and ourselves. As a happy bonus, participants may also experience a lot of laughter.

The workshop will run between 10:30 and 16:30 on the following dates and you will need to be able to attend the full two days:

Friday, 16th November 2018

Friday, 23rd November 2018

Although the event is free, we do require registration. Please sign up here or contact or text/call 07826148461.

This group will be led by John-Paul Flintoff, a writer and performer who has published five books in 16 languages. JP says that teaching improvisational skills is probably the work that makes him happiest in the whole world.

Participants at his most recent session said afterwards:

Really good session to get into fun and creative mode with others

Brilliant, fun, out of comfort-zone evening. Highly recommended

Fun and inspiring – thank you!

Remember this group is only open to Talk for Health graduates and it will not be possible to bring anyone who has not done the training programme.