Talk for Health Special: All You Need is Love

As part of Mental Health Awareness week, Talk for Health is delighted to present an evening of talks exploring the power and importance of healthy and supportive relationships to our mental wellbeing.

We are planning an evening of inspiration with our three expert speakers: Philippa Perry , acclaimed Psychotherapist, Agony Aunt and Author, will talk about how loneliness negatively affects our wellbeing; pioneering Russell Razzaque, Psychiatrist and Author,  will share how deep relationships are used in the Open Dialogue approach to treat even severe mental illness and lastly, Nicky Forsythe, Psychotherapist and Social Entrepreneur, will explore how a community approach to mental health services can help protect against and alleviate mental distress.

As with all Talk for Health events there will be time to connect with other and share your thoughts ideas and questions with members of a supportive, accepting and caring community.  We will provide basic refreshments.

To help us buy refreshments, please sign up for a place by clicking here.