ALG: Living Mindfully

Life can sometimes be difficult: we don’t always get what we want, or avoid what we don’t want. And when things go wrong our knee-jerk reactions often cause even more suffering.

The good news is that there’s another way to approach life, based on a deep understanding of how things really are. One of the best ways to cultivate this is through mindfulness – the practice of skillful awareness.

Following his intro back in January, Tim Segaller will be hosting this Advanced Learning Group where you will gain deeper knowledge and insight into simple but powerful mindfulness tools and techniques. You’ll learn how to step out of autopilot thinking and doing – often the root of suffering – and into a more natural state of being where you’ll find deeper resources of clarity, wellbeing and resolve.

Tim Segaller is a specialist in the field of psychological resilience, and author of ‘The ABC Guide to Mindfulness’. As a qualified coach and mindfulness trainer, he has extensive experience of running mindfulness courses in organisations, and in the community to people on a low income. For more information, go to:

The ALG will run on the following dates:

1) 5pm – 8pm Monday, 4th March

2) 5pm – 8pm Monday, 11th March

3) 5pm – 8pm Monday, 25th March

4) 5pm – 8pm Monday, 1st April

Remember this group is only open to Talk for Health graduates and it will not be possible to bring anyone who has not done the training programme. You must be available for all 4 sessions. Please register here.

For more information, contact or 07826148461