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Talk for Health is a Social Enterprise set up to provide user-friendly, talk based routes to wellbeing.

At Talk for Health, we promote and enable the kind of talk that makes people feel better:  rich conversations where people can speak their own truth, be listened to and truly connect.

Our core offering is the Talk for Health programme, which teaches the skills of authentic talking, empathic listening and deeper connection with others.  This improves relationships and personal wellbeing, and connects communities.  The Talk for Health programme is also invaluable for those who work with people – whether professionals or volunteers.

We offer the the programme to:

We also train and license people in organisations to lead the Talk for Health programme in-house.

Talk for Health is currently funded by the NHS in Islington London, and by the Local Council in Doncaster.  Places on Talk for Health programmes in these areas are FREE to local residents.  For more information call us, or see our Facebook page here.

We also offer user-friendly therapy and workshops.

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The Talk for Health programme was developed by Psychotherapist Nicky Forsythe, who believes passionately that skills from the world of therapy can be used by anyone to lead a more satisfying and meaningful life.

“Talk for Health teaches you the skills that society forgets to:  how to connect to your feelings and needs, how to express this authentically and appropriately, and how to adapt your communication so others can hear you.”  Programme Participant



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